Big Data and Data Viz with Apache Spark and Zeppelin Notebooks Workshop

December 6, 2019

In this hands-on lab, we’ll start with some Apache Spark basics for working with (large) datasets. We’ll explore an example that loads in a data set and do some parsing, filtering, unions, etc. We’ll write some Scala code to massage and filter data, then show the results in our Zeppelin notebook. We’ll also apply machine learning to our data set and do some analysis and show some nice graphs to examine our data.

 The agenda will be (most of it hands-on coding):

* Intro to Apache Spark with code examples 

* Intro to Apache Zeppelin, using data and interactively coding and doing visualizations 

* Understanding reactivity in Zeppelin

* Using a machine learning algorithm to extract insights from our data set

* Discussion of topics not covered (accessing a database using JDBC, forms, cloud integration, etc)

Roam Dunwoody, 1155 Mount Vernon Hwy NE, Atlanta, Georgia, 30338, United States