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What is data science?

Data science is a field comprised of processes, methods, systems, and algorithms to extract knowledge from structured and unstructured data.

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Build models to predict fraudulent transactions

1-2 hours

Automation and AI technology are transforming businesses. They address challenges in areas of healthcare, technology, and more. At the same time, these technologies transform the nature of work and the workplace itself. This code pattern focuses on building systems for churning out predictions that can be used in different scenarios.

Build a machine learning model using Watson Studio and Db2 on Cloud to predict home values

1-2 hours

Data keeps on growing, and the ability to extract meaningful information out of that data is very important. Using machine learning models out of existing data helps a company to extract meaningful insights and also predict future results. This code pattern looks a data scientist's journey in creating a machine learning model using IBM Watson Studio and IBM Db2 On Cloud.

Quickly produce an interactive dashboard to explore and test a recommendation model

1-2 hours

Using purchase data from all customers is the fastest way to create recommendations. With this data, you're able to create groups of customers that have bought similar products. In this code pattern, learn how to use historical shopping data to build a recommendation engine.

The lightweight IBM Cloud Garage Method for data science

Take a look at a process model to map individual technology components to the reference architecture. Because it can be hard to initially define the architecture of a project, this…