Design and build secure IoT solutions

This series of articles focuses on the architectural tiers of an IoT application that is based on IBM Cloud platforms. The articles in this series describe a solution-based approach to minimizing security risks in IoT applications by using services that are readily available in IBM cloud platforms. The articles provide tested techniques for securing IoT applications.

  • Article
    Archived | Securing IoT devices and gateways

    Learn the various approaches for securing devices and gateways such as authentication, authorization, and application ID validation.

  • Article
    Archived | Securing IoT data over the network

    Explore the security aspects of the network and transport tier, which includes the IBM Watson IoT Platform.

  • Article
    Archived | Securing IoT applications

    Part 3 in this 3-part series of developing secure IoT solutions focuses on securing IoT applications. Learn how to securely store IoT data in a Cloudant database, expose that stored data through secured APIs, and invoke secured APIs from mobile and web applications.