Create a web app to analyze and visualize IoT device data

About this video

IoT devices across industries are creating large amounts of data and the key value of this data can be captured through creating visualizations of the data to view trends and statistical analyses. The IBM Watson IoT Platform provides a great way to manage IoT devices and the data coming across those devices.

In this talk, we will be setting up IBM Watson IoT Platform and demonstrate how you can store the IoT device data into a Cloudant DB on your IBM Cloud. Once the IoT device data starts being stored in the Cloudant DB, we can build an application to visualize the data through plots to view trends and device statistics.

We will demonstrate a web application which allows uses to create a dataset from their IoT device data in the Cloudant DB then create plots for the dataset. We will go through how we can parse and analyze the JSON data using a Python back end then create plots using the plotly.js library with javascript in order to create a functional web application for viewing trends and analysis of IoT data.