Joint Meetup with Voxxed Days Cluj with Vlad Mihalcea and Dan Nicolici

October 22, 2019 5:00 pm EET

For all passionate developers, we have great news! On Tuesday, 22nd October, in Cluj-Napoca, three united communities (Voxxed Days Cluj Community, Transylvania JUG and IBM Developer Romania) are happy to welcome two special guests: Vlad Mihalcea (Java Champion, Oracle Developer Champion and CEO of Hypersistence) and Dan Nicolici (owner & programmer @ bitGloss)! Book the date in your calendar and let’s learn new tips & tricks from our speakers 🙂

Our agenda:
18.00 → 18:45 Doors open, food, drinks, networking
18:45 → 19:30 Talk 1 – Delivering features when confronted with messy code
19:30 → 20:00 Break time
20:00 → 21:00 Talk 2 – 18 Java Persistence and Hibernate tips that can boost up your application performance
20:15 → ∞ Networking

Talk 1: Delivering features when confronted with messy code
Speaker: Dan Nicolici, owner & programmer @ bitGloss
Abstract: TBD

Talk 2: 18 Java Persistence and Hibernate tips that can boost up your application performance
Speaker: Vlad Mihalcea, Java Champion & CEO of Hypersistence
Abstract: JPA is a very popular Java data access technology and knowing its inner-workings can make the difference between a high-performance enterprise application and one that barely crawls. Your application users are going to thank you for applying these tips, that’s for sure. Every Java developer that must write data access code will benefit from these high-performance tips Vlad is going to give in this presentation. From connection acquisition to handling literals, IN query statement caching, batching rewrite, and JPA streaming gotchas, this presentation will surely help you optimize the performance of your application.

Out speakers:
Vlad Mihalcea is a Java Champion, CEO of Hypersistence and a Hibernate Developer Advocate. He is passionate about enterprise systems, data access frameworks, and database systems. He wrote hundreds articles about Hibernate on his blog, (, and he has a gold badge for Hibernate, JPA and Java tags on StackOverflow. He’s also the author of the book “High-Performance Java Persistence”, one of the best-selling Java books on Amazon.

Dan Nicolici is the owner of bitGloss, with more than 15 years’ experience in programming. He has worked in various business domains, focusing on building web and distributed systems. He has a strong experience with Java and its ecosystem, but also with other programming languages and platforms such as .NET, Python, Scala, Groovy, JavaScript, Clojure and Elixir. Dan is a software developer who understands that programming is something done by the people, for the people, so he dedicates his time in providing software clarity and ease of use.

Join us for this opportunity, you will enjoy it! We look forward to seeing you there!

Str Garii, Liberty Park, Cluj Napoca, Cluj-Napoca, Romania