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Serverless Java with Quarkus Workshop

December 7, 2019

In this half day, deep dive, workshop, we’ll explore the architecture of Serverless applications using Java. We will discuss the federation, orchestration, and deployment of serverless apps. The workshop is hands-on and has exercises to raise your understanding of Serverless. 

 We’ll use the hot new Quarkus framework to build our sample app. Quarkus is based on Java standards such as CDI and JPA, and is built specifically to offer a compelling platform for building Serverless application, whether you run on Kubernetes or Cloud Functions. It is also built to bring “developer joy” and makes development in Java much more fun and fluid! 

 This full day workshop on Serverless is meant for architects and developers to help them gain an understanding of the architectural considerations around a large application built on Serverless technology. We will do hands-on labs and exercises to cover these topics:

 * Building a full Quarkus app that: 

Service object using Dependency Injection
JPA to connect to a database
RESTful endpoints using annotations
Testing the application
* Deploy the app on a Cloud Functions platform

Create and update the application in the Cloud Function platform
Configure an API gateway
Use Sequences to tie together Functions 
* Laptop with the ability to execute basic developer tools:
– command line shell
– git
– maven
– Java 8 
– IDE of choice (Eclipse, Intellij, VS Code)

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