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Getting started with mobile development on Android

If you are just getting started with developing mobile apps, this learning path helps you understand full-stack mobile development environments, from native versus hybrid development platforms to key mobile design methodologies and considerations. To put the fundamental concepts to the test, build a full-stack run-tracking app using Kitura and Android Studio.

  • Article
    Getting started with full-stack mobile development

    This article explores the features of full-stack mobile development environments and covers several core native and hybrid mobile alternatives and the factors that influence the selection of each platform.

  • Article
    Designing full-stack mobile apps

    To design a full-stack mobile app, you must consider the total user experience of the app – from the graphical design of the user interface, to the performance of the app, to requesting support when something goes wrong. Additionally, you need to consider each platform and the expectations of the…

  • Tutorial
    Developing full-stack mobile apps for Android

    Build an Android application from scratch using the Android SDK and the Kotlin language.