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Accelerate Software Testing with Rational Test Workbench

To realize the value of both Hybrid Cloud and on premise environments, software testing must be automated to reduce the risk of deploying poor quality applications into production.

Automating software testing means an organization can implement different scenarios, test out differentiators such as moving elements of the solution into a cloud, and quickly get feedback on what works or doesn't work for their business scenarios. Software testing means organizations can make decisions knowing that they can respond and react to feedback quickly. Good software testing includes testing at the API level, the user interface level, and the overall system level. The more tests that are automated, and run early and often, the better.

There are tools to help achieve these automated testing goals and IBM offers the Test Workbench family utilizing IBM Cloud for your end-to-end software testing needs.

  • For API testing: Rational Integration Tester. Usage scenarios include system modeling and API validation across on premises and cloud environments.
  • For functional testing:
    • For modern web applications: Rational Functional Tester. Usage scenarios include the recording, editing, and running of tests and evaluating test results.
    • For HTML, Java, Windows, .NET, Mainframe, Visual Basic, Silverlight, Eclipse, Siebel, Flex, Ajax, Dojo, GEF, and PowerBuilder applications: Rational Functional Tester. Usage scenarios include the recording of test scripts in simple English statements, playing back tests, and improving the tests through verification points and data-driven commands.
  • For load and scalability testing: Rational Performance Tester. Usage scenarios include creating and recording tests, emulating workloads utilizing IBM Cloud for scale management, and evaluating results.
  • For service virtualization: Rational Test Virtualization Server. Usage scenarios include virtualizing third-party interfaces and interfaces even before they are available (such as when moving different parts of a solution into cloud), simulating databases, and virtualizing applications.

The Rational Test Workbench starter editions let you get up and running quickly with the Rational Test Workbench suite, at no cost.

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