Rational Solution for Test Automation V9.0 helps to accelerate end-to-end testing of multichannel, interconnected applications, with new features for service virtualization, mobile, and web UI testing. An integral part of the Rational solution for DevOps, the Rational Test Workbench offerings
enable continuous testing for faster software delivery across the enterprise. The offerings include:
• Rational Test Workbench
• Rational Test Virtualization Server
• Rational Performance Test Server
• Rational Performance Tester
• Rational Service Tester for SOA Quality

Version 9.0 delivers the concept of the Starter Edition. There are Starter Editions for the API Testing capability and service virtualization (both are contained within the Rational Integration Tester Starter Edition). In addition, there are Starter Editions for browser-based performance testing and Web UI functional automation. As the Starter editions are not commercial tools, IBM does not provide traditional support. Instead, a community of support is part of IBM developerWorks. The Starter Editions are free and will be available from IBM developerWorks.

Rational Solution for Test Automation Version 9.0 includes the following offerings and capabilities:
Rational Test Workbench

Integration Testing

Mobile and Unified Web UI Test Automation

Rational Test Virtualization Server and Rational Performance Test Server

  • Support for PL/I when virtualizing DB2 on z Systems
  • Monitoring enhancements for cloud load generation
  • Response Time Breakdown for WebSphere Application Service Liberty
  • Enhancements for API Performance Testing of MQ
  • Enhancements for load generation in the cloud – Rational Performance Test Server
  • Introduction of Rational Performance Tester – Starter Edition

Note: Rational Performance Tester supports load and performance testing. It does not provide virtualization. Rational Test Virtualization Server provides both load and virtualization capability.

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