image005 The desire for “quality at speed” has never been more relevant to companies adopting a hybrid cloud strategy – with some projects developed in the cloud, and some developed on premises, and both needing to work seamlessly together when deployed.

We call the combination of test automation and service virtualization “Continuous Testing.” Moving the testing earlier and more often in the lifecycle – “shifting left” – enables teams to build, deploy, test, and gather feedback – all continuously. Providing early, iterative feedback on code quality directly to development teams helps ensure that fewer problems are found late in the lifecycle where they are more expensive to fix. And when problems are discovered in production, not only are they extremely costly to resolve, but they can significantly harm a company’s reputation, and even have a lasting impact on customer loyalty. Without timely testing and feedback, companies cannot truly deliver quality at speed.


  • Testing is costly
  • Why strive for Continuous Testing?
  • The need for quality and speed
  • Find the right set of tests
  • Test smarter and “Shift Left”
  • Achieve Continuous Testing

Continuous testing enables a project team to execute tests when needed, not when possible.

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