billHudacekWith RPT on Cloud, software testing teams can use SoftLayer public cloud to generate a load, from any of the dozens of SoftLayer Data Centers all over the world. There is a trial period and since it is pay-as-you-go (PAYGO), if you don’t test in a given month, you don’t pay anything at all. Now we have a new capability which we are calling RPT on Private Cloud, but it does not have an official name yet. With this new capability, you can use VMWare inside your own corporate network to generate potentially huge amounts of traffic against internal or external services or web sites.


In this Ask the Experts session, Bill Hudacek, IBM, will give a brief overview of these two cloud options so you can better assess them. Bill and Kent Siefkes, IBM, will answer your questions at the end.

Speaker: Bill Hudacek, Master Certified IT Architect with IBM. Bill has more than 15 years as an IT Architect, leading application development projects for IBM customers. He has driven a ‘working smart’ approach to the realm of Automated API Testing and Service Virtualization (SV). Bill is currently Master Certified IT Architect for IBM Continuous Testing capabilities.


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