This article provides an introduction to the concept of Accelerated Functional Testing (AFT). AFT speeds up the overall test effort by enabling parallel execution, among other things.

In phase 1, which was delivered in v9.0.1, you have the ability to run a single Web UI test in parallel on multiple browsers on a single machine. You can run the test from the Web UI Tester interface, from the command line, or from Rational Quality Manager.

In phase 2, which was delivered as a beta-level feature in v.9.0.1, you can run multiple Web UI tests in parallel on a selected browser – either Google Chrome or Firefox – on a local or remote machine. To run the tests on a remote machine, you install the Rational Performance Tester agent on the remote machine and point the agent at the Rational Test Workbench.

Find out more at Accelerated Functional Testing.

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