Cloud Computing
Cloud Computing

One of the biggest IT hotspots today is the hybrid cloud. Larger IT operations teams are either experimenting with a hybrid structure or actively moving into production use. As a relatively new IT approach, the hybrid cloud still presents deployment and management pitfalls that slow adoption and make smooth, ongoing operations harder to achieve.

A hybrid cloud management platform consists of two or more segments. One is a private computer cluster that typically handles mission-critical and core enterprise workloads, and the other is a segment — or multiple segments — of public cloud infrastructure that handles workload demand spikes and other tasks, such as backup and archiving, web-serving and media delivery.

Jim O’Reilly at The MSP Hub details the key areas for automated hybrid cloud management.


  • The case for automated hybrid cloud management
  • Hybrid cloud deployment
  • Hybrid cloud monitoring
  • Policy-based control
  • Security
  • Billing systems

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