From the Techwell Community “The 2016-2017 State of the Software Testing Profession survey report has been published. TechWell members’ responses help TechWell better understand where the software testing industry is right now and where it’s headed.

Discover the results of the survey questions and key findings analyzed such as:

  • Testing (still) isn’t dead
  • It’s an automated world, we just get to live in it
  • Agile and DevOps: It’s all about keeping it continuous
  • Current testing trends and what the future outlook
  • And more”

Go to the report.

4 comments on"2016–2017 State of the Software Testing Profession"

  1. The link doesn’t work. After filling in the form and submitting it the page comes back with “The document you have requested is not available. Please try again.”

    • melaniejs July 18, 2016

      Hi Luke. Thank you for your comment. We are investigating and will get back to you shortly.

  2. The content of repot is old. It is same since 2015 !?

    Please, make available the last.

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