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For many organizations, one of the biggest bottlenecks in automating the delivery pipeline is related to an inability to automate testing as part of the deployment process. And as teams may have forged ahead to automate the deployment of software change that value can be quickly diminished when things stall due to a lack of test labs being available or when an excessive number of tests are being run manually. That of course, is once all the software changes have been made available.

While I have been evangelizing the integration of deployment and test automation for a while, one of the key findings in the “State of the Software Testing Profession Results 2016-2017” survey results, recently published by Techwell, is that it is an automated world and testers get to live in it. Meaning, the role of the tester is becoming more technical, testing must transform to meet the needs of modern software projects, and there is increasing need for more automation.

So, as more and more test professionals are working to bring automate testing capabilities into their organization, isn’t the next logical step to include those automated tests as part of the automated deployment process.

Let’s take a step back and assume that you have heard “better, cheaper, faster” at least once and for many it may be far too often. However, integrating automated testing with deployment automation delivers positive results with respect to better cheaper faster. Automated tests can be run repeatedly and consistently freeing up resources to execute other types of testing (e.g. exploratory testing) expanding the level of testing. Automated tests should be part of an automated deployment process to help close the feedback loop as the sooner test execution results can be shared across the delivery team, the sooner any issues can be identified and triaged. The faster defects are discovered, the cheaper they are to fix. So, better, cheaper, faster is still a great way to describe, at a “motherhood and apple pie” level, the end goal for many businesses. Deliver better software, faster than the competition, at a lower cost to the business.

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