Listen to Matt Tarnawsky provide an overview of Service Virtualization and show how it can help you improve your development and testing processes. Matt focuses on a variety of use-cases and demonstrates how you can:

  • Remove dependencies on third parties
  • Isolate development systems
  • Manage multi-speed IT

Matt also discusses how Service virtualization can be applied in your environments today, including how it can fit within the DevOps framework.

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Matt Tarnawsky, Offering Manager Service Virtualization, HCL Technologies

Matt Tarnawsky has been working for a number of years to improve software quality by helping his clients shift their testing to the left through the use of service virtualization and API testing. He is currently the product manager for API testing & service virtualization at HCL, providing the direction for IBM and HCL’s Integration Tester and Test Virtualization Server products.

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