Rational Test Workbench starter editions

The Rational Test Workbench starter editions let you get up and running quickly with the Rational Test Workbench suite, at no cost. From the user interface level down to the APIs that power your systems, along with the performance delivered by those systems, the starter editions allow you to test your applications from top to bottom.

You can read more details and try each one of the starter editions, depending on your needs:

Each one of the starter editions have permanent licenses, and are free to use. If you find that you need more capabilities than each of these provides, you can easily upgrade to the full suite of Rational Test Workbench.

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  1. Please provide me with a tester starter edition

  2. Suryakumar9292 July 26, 2016

    Please provide the URL to download Rational Test Workbench Mobile Edition, Whatever link i try to open it lands me in the Rational Test Workbench Web UI Tester download page. Support pls

  3. Our project will officially be using Rational Performance Tester at some point in the near future. As it will take some time before the official version is available, I was using the Starter version to get up to speed (great tool!). However, after 30 days the License expired even though it states above that “.. the starter editions have permanent licenses”. Is that statement accurate or do I need to do something specific to renew or make the license permanent? Thanks.

    • Hi Michael – if you installed the Starter Edition, you can just continue working and ignore the license expiration warning. If by any chance you actually installed the Trial rather than the Starter Edition, you can switch to the Starter Edition by clicking Modify in IBM Installation Manager, which is the tool used for installing the software. Then, from the Features panel, you change the selection under Select Edition. Hope this resolves it for you.

  4. Suppose if your team wanted to use Rational Functional Tester, Rational Performance Tester, Rational Integration tester should we install all the three products.

    • Hi Anoop, thank you for your comment. Yes, if your team wants to use Rational Functional Tester, Rational Performance Tester, Rational Integration Tester, you would install all three products.

  5. Suppose if we want to install RTVS in our environment how many linux server we may needed. As in knowledge center RIT, RIT Agent, RTC are mandatory for RTVS. Please provide the link for exact requirements for RTVS.

  6. Please is there anyway I can download RTW 8.5 without passport advantage

  7. Hello
    I am interested in BlueMIX software development tools and IBM Unified Rational Rose Modelling tools package

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