IBM® Rational® Integration Tester Starter Edition with Service Virtualization helps you get up and running with integration testing and creating and running stubs. With the starter edition, you can use graphical tools to create and run integration tests for your web, RESTful, and SOAP services, JMS-based messaging applications, and other technologies. With Rational Integration Tester, you can also virtualize services (stubbing) to control the data and create scenarios for application testing, and run them for up to 5 minutes, by these actions:

  • Simulating any endpoint that uses any of the supported technologies
  • Virtualizing database content that is accessed by using JDBC

For the latest information, see Rational Integration Tester Starter Edition in the IBM Knowledge Center.

This Starter Edition is available for download from the resources section of this Continuous Testing community.  Download

7 comments on"Introducing IBM Rational Integration Tester Starter Edition with Service Virtualization"

  1. Mario Torres July 12, 2016

    very interesting

  2. Nirmalskandan June 09, 2017

    Hi All,
    I want to create stub for a COBOL called module . Could you please help me understand if RIT/RTVS will be able to stub the called COBOL modules?


  3. IBM Rational Integration Tester Starter Edition is mentioned as a no-charge download.
    Does this mean that this product can be used by large organisations / Corporates for free OR there is a license payment when used by Corporates?

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