For the latest information about the Rational Performance Starter Edition, see Rational Performance Tester Starter Edition in the IBM Knowledge Center.

12 comments on"Introducing IBM Rational Performance Tester Starter Edition"

  1. pankaj vanjari November 26, 2016

    good one

  2. Need the latest version RPT 9.0.1 repository to install through IBM installation manager

  3. Does the latest version of RPT supports testing of Secured Native Mobile applications (Especially Secured Online Games)

  4. jagadeeshpatti February 19, 2017

    I am unable to download Rational performance tester. Can you please help? When I click to download trail version, it redirects to login page. Though I tried to login it redirects back again to login page.

  5. Hi can you please tell me where I can get the complete guide on how to do performance testing for java web application on RTW ?

  6. Team, using RPT could we test Business Intelligence (BI) Spotfire Dashboards. Please provide your feedback

  7. guillermo rojas August 10, 2018

    What about if my server has a correct license but the started edition appear and does not reconginze my license server, so we must need to check usign teh rational administrator or the installation manager and put the floating license ? or both case ?… or we muest need to include the activation kit to solve this problem?… I have a serious problem with the started edition, because does not recognize the correct license key of IBM rational perfomance tester edition 9.1., Do you have more details, about how can configure the license with the new versi√≥n?.
    We are using the RPT since versión 7 and never has been a poblem to make a upgrade versión ..

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