IBM® Rational® Performance Tester Starter Edition helps you get up and running with performance testing. It is a scripting-free environment for automating load and scalability testing of web, ERP, and server-based software applications, and provides rich and customizable reporting to help you identify the presence and cause of system bottlenecks.

Rational Performance Tester Starter Edition captures the network traffic when the application under test interacts with a server. This network traffic is then emulated on multiple virtual users while playing back the test. With this tool, you can test applications that use the following extensions: HTTP, SAP (GUI), Citrix, Socket, TN3270, and Service (SOA).

The starter edition is a no-charge download. It has no data or time limitations, and is intended for anyone who wants to get started quickly creating, enhancing, and running tests. Once you get up and running with the starter edition, you can add additional load generating capability by using IBM Rational Performance Tester on Cloud or by purchasing VT packs license. Download Rational Performance Tester Agent to use the VT packs. The Rational Performance Tester trial download site includes a copy of the Agent.

For more information about the capabilities in the starter edition and a comparison with the full version of Rational Performance Tester, see the Technical Details article.

When you upgrade to the full version of Rational Performance Tester, you can run a performance test as part of a compound test combining tests from different extensions, automate the execution of tests by running them from command line, Rational Quality Manager, and IBM UrbanCode Deploy.

The starter edition is available for download from this Continuous Testing community.

Connect with IBM developers to get answers to your questions. Ask the dW Answers community. Use the tag performance-testing.

To stay informed about this starter edition, look for details from this Continuous Testing community.


7 comments on"Introducing IBM Rational Performance Tester Starter Edition"

  1. pankaj vanjari November 26, 2016

    good one

  2. Need the latest version RPT 9.0.1 repository to install through IBM installation manager

  3. Does the latest version of RPT supports testing of Secured Native Mobile applications (Especially Secured Online Games)

  4. jagadeeshpatti February 19, 2017

    I am unable to download Rational performance tester. Can you please help? When I click to download trail version, it redirects to login page. Though I tried to login it redirects back again to login page.

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