For the latest information about the Functional Tester Starter Edition, see Rational Functional Tester Starter Edition in the IBM Knowledge Center.

10 comments on"Introducing IBM Rational Functional Tester Starter Edition"

  1. Does this free edition implement all the recording and playback features provided by the previous IBM Rational Test Workbench Web UI product for html 5 applications, or is there some restrictions ?

  2. Sebastian Wenta June 06, 2017


    I have a problem with timeout settings.
    Page loading test step takes ca 70 seconds.

    Setting timeout on steps doesnt impact test replaying and test step is failed after few seconds.
    I use WEB UI 9.1.

    Do you have any comment for that ?


  3. Nirmalskandan June 09, 2017

    Hi All,
    I want to create stub for a COBOL called module . Could you please help me understand if RIT/RTVS will be able to stub the called COBOL modules?


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