Downloading Rational Integration Tester Starter Edition for Windows (64-bit)

Posted: December 15, 2017 Modified: May 16, 2019

IBM® Rational® Integration Tester Starter Edition for Windows (64-bit) helps you get up and running with integration testing and service virtualization. And it’s easy to get started by following our getting started articles and videos.

The starter edition download package includes Rational Integration Tester and Rational Test Control Panel.

Rational Integration Tester Starter Edition with Service Virtualization

Rational Integration Tester provides you with graphical tools to create and run integration tests for your web, RESTful, and SOAP services, JMS-based messaging applications, and other technologies. You can also virtualize services (stubbing) to control the data and create scenarios for application testing, and run them for up to 5 minutes, by these actions:

  • Simulating any endpoint that uses any of the supported technologies
  • Virtualizing database content that is accessed by using JDBC

Rational Test Control Panel Starter Edition

Rational Test Control Panel Starter Edition contains technology-specific components used by Rational Integration Tester for recording SOA message conversations, HTTP(S) and JDBC traffic, and for monitoring middleware systems under test with minimal reconfiguration of client applications.

It is the hub of communication between Rational Integration Tester and those technology-specific components (in particular, the HTTP/TCP proxy).

It includes the HTTP/TCP proxy and provides some sample APIs that you can use to get familiar with Rational Integration Tester.

1. Plan and prepare

The supported platforms are Windows (64-bit), Linux (64-bit), and Mac (64-bit).

Consider information about proxys, servers, and the procedure for running them manually. See Start up considerations.

To connect to third-party JMS or JDBC providers, the starter edition must have access to their driver libraries. For information, see Library configuration information.

2. Install

To download and install this starter edition, follow these steps:

  1. Click Download at the top-right of the page and follow the instructions provided.
  2. Extract the contents of the downloaded zip file into a local folder. This folder is referred to as install_location in the getting started articles. If you are using Windows Explorer to extract the zip file, you must unzip it into a location in such a way that the resulting file path, including the directory Windows creates with the same name as the zip, has no more than 92 characters.

3. Get started

To get started with this starter edition, see Getting started: Overview.

4. Report a problem or suggestion

If you find a bug or have a suggestion for an enhancement, post an entry in dW Answers by using the tag integration-testing.

5. Get support

Connect with IBM developers to get answers to your questions. Ask the dW Answers community. Use the tag integration-testing.

6. Upgrade

Installing the starter edition from this ZIP file enables no-charge, unsupported, unlimited use and limited capabilities. For access to IBM support and full capabilities, you can purchase and install the full edition for Rational Integration Tester that is installed as part of the IBM Rational Test Workbench product offering.

For considerations about upgrading, see Considerations before upgrading.

For information that compares the capabilities between the starter edition and full edition, see Feature comparison.