Create a Spark service for IBM Watson Studio

In earlier releases, an Apache Spark service was available by default for IBM Watson Studio (formerly Data Science Experience). This was often not needed and inefficient, so the default Spark service was removed on March 20, 2018. However, if you do need the Spark service, this tutorial explains how you can add it.

Learning Objectives

To set up a Spark service for use in Jupyter notebooks on Watson Studio.


Log in or create an account for Watson Studio.

Estimated Time

This will take no more than 15 minutes.


Add a Spark service to your project

  1. Set up a project in Watson Studio.

  2. In your project, go to the Settings tab. Scroll down to Associated Services, and choose + Add service > Spark.

    Dialog for adding the Spark service to Watson Studio

  3. Either choose an Existing Spark service or create a New one.

    Dialog for selecting a Spark service

Create a notebook, and select the Spark service

  1. When you create a notebook, select the Spark runtime that you’ve associated with this project.

    Part of the dialog for creating a notebook and selecting the Spark service

  2. Click the Create Notebook button.

    Dialog for creating a notebook


You should now be able to use an Apache Spark service in your notebook.