Deploy the IBM Blockchain Platform onto an OpenShift cluster

This tutorial shows you how to deploy the IBM Blockchain Platform onto an existing OpenShift cluster in just two quick steps. Keep in mind that the process outlined here assumes that you already have a deployed OpenShift cluster.

Estimated time

This process in this tutorial takes just 5-10 minutes, assuming that you are working with an existing OpenShift cluster. Deploying a new OpenShift cluster is a separate process and adds more time.


  • An OpenShift cluster account (learn to deploy an OpenShift cluster here).
  • An IBM Blockchain Platform entitlement key. (After you purchase the IBM Blockchain Platform, you can access the My IBM dashboard to obtain your entitlement key.)

Deploy IBM Blockchain Platform

  1. Clone this git ibponopenshift repo.

  2. In the ibponopenshift directory, edit the file with the following values:

    • Project name: Pick a string for your project name
    • Entitlement Key: Your IBP Entitlement Key
    • Email address: Your IBP registration email address
    • Console password: Pick a string as your IBP console password
    • Image server: IBP image server
    • Image name: ibp-operator:2.1.2-20191217-amd64
    • Storage class: Storage class name
    • Domain URL: Domain url

    Note: All this information is provided when you purchase IBM Blockchain Platform services. Contact your service provider administrators if you did not receive this information.

  3. Once the file is edited to reflect your environment, run the following command:

  ./ up

This process takes a few minutes to complete. Once it is finished, you should see a URL at the end, which is the endpoint for you to log in to the IBM Blockchain Platform dashboard:

IBM Blockchain Platform dashboard

Destroy IBM Blockchain Platform

To completely clear up the IBM Blockchain Platform, you just need to run the following command:

  ./ down


It’s that simple to deploy the IBM Blockchain Platform onto an OpenShift cluster. Once the IBM Blockchain Platform console is showing in your browser, you can use your email address and the password you specified in the file to log in and start creating IBM Blockchain Platform nodes, channels, and transactions.