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Knative Eventing 101: Exercises to enable Knative services to consume events

As you have learned in Knative 101, Knative is made up of two primitives for enabling serverless applications on Kubernetes: Serving and Eventing. This tutorial focuses on the Eventing primitive.

Knative Eventing is a system that enables you to create event producers and consumers for your applications. Each of these components attempt to identify common patterns and best practices for others to use and build upon. Knative Eventing provides composable primitives to enable late-binding between event producers and event consumers.

In Knative, event producers and event consumers are designed to be independent. Any producer can generate events before there are active event consumers that are listening. Any event consumer can express interest in an event or class of events, before there are producers that are creating those events.

This tutorial can help you understand Knative Eventing concepts and how to use these concepts to enable Knative services to consume events. Check out the link at the end of this page to see a set of exercises. When you complete the exercises, you will know how to do the following tasks:

  • Consume events on Knative Eventing in two different ways.
  • Use an event source to directly link a event consumer to a producer and define an event message flow from a producer to a consumer.
  • Use Broker and Trigger to decouple event producers and consumers. Broker is like an event hub where event producers send events to.Trigger describes the event consumer and its interested subscriptions to specific events that flow through the broker, which enables late-binding event producers and event consumers.