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Kubernetes 101: Labs designed to help you understand Kubernetes

Do you want to learn about Kubernetes, but are completely overwhelmed with the amount of articles and blog posts about the topic? You’ve heard about it and seen it in others’ code, but what does it actually do? How does it help your containers? Is Kubernetes a type of container? This set of labs clears up confusion and helps you get comfortable with Kubernetes. They are designed with you, the developer, in mind.

When you complete the labs, you gain the following:

  • A full understanding of Kubernetes core concepts
  • Knowledge on how to build a Docker image and deploy an application on Kubernetes in the IBM Cloud Kubernetes Service
  • Controlled application deployments, while minimizing your time with infrastructure management
  • The skills to add AI services to extend your app
  • More secure clusters and apps as well as an understanding of how to monitor them

Completing all the exercises in these labs takes approximately 3 hours. Try a few exercises to get started.


These labs uses a free Kubernetes cluster with either a Pay-As-You-Go or a Subscription account for IBM Cloud. To get started, register for an IBM Cloud account. Then, follow this guide to upgrade to a Pay-As-You-Go account.