Machine Learning for the SETI

Hackathon & Code Challenge

10 June – 31 July, 2017



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The SETI Institute is inviting all citizen data scientists to join us as collaborators in our mission to find intelligent radio signals from beyond our solar system by issuing a worldwide, public code challenge using the latest developments available in machine- and deep-learning. We are looking for signal classification algorithms and models that can accurately identify the various types of radio signals we observe each night.

To help in this adventure (and for the hackathon), IBM has donated the PowerAI platform and the Watson Data Science Experience environment for both the search for alien signals and to crunch the numbers needed to devise new algorithms in the code challenge.

The teams speak

The teams describe their projects and the difficulties they faced. Systems engineers, software engineers, physicists - a range of data scientists come together to attempt to construct a classifier algorithm, one that would recognize a signal in the interstellar noise. See #3.

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