Explore Elasticsearch, the open source, Java-developed software that provides a distributed, multitenant-capable, full-text search engine with an HTTP web interface and schema-free JSON documents.

IBM Open Tech
Aaron Katz (SVP, WW Field Operations, Elastic) starts by asking who in the audience has searched on Facebook, Wikipedia, Uber, or Tinder in the past 24 hours because all of those companies use Elasticsearch technology.
Elastic Search use cases

Aaron notes that IBM is using Elasticsearch on its Bluemix platform and the Watson Developer site, etc.

  • WikiMedia – “Elasticsearch is the backbone across all Wikimedia’s sites, powering billions of real-time user prefix and full text searches every day.” – Chad Horohoe
  • Mozilla – “Elasticsearch, logstash, and Kibana allow for real time indexing, search, and analytics for over 300 million events per day. This protects our network, services, and systems from security threats. ” — Jeff Bryner
  • Verizon – “Using Elasticsearch, we index more than 500 billion documents for real-time logging and analytics for our mission critical applications.” – Bhaskar Karambelkar
  • Goldman Sachs – “Elasticsearch is one of the top 5 strategic technologies for the Bank – it is literally saving us hundreds of thousands of hours of people time.” – Don Duet
  • Facebook – “We process 60 million queries a day enabling search and analytics for critical internal applications – and using Shield, all of this data is protected from interception and corruption.” – Peter Vulgaris
  • NASA – “With the ELK Stack, we log more than 30,000 messages and 100,000 documents four times every day from the Mars Rover to optimize our space missions.” – Dan Isla

Aaron notes that Elasticsearch is one of the most popular open source projects today:

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