In this live demonstration, Nick Gaski shows you how to add an organization by updating the config block for an already running Hyperledger Fabric network. Then he shows you an easier and better way to accomplish the same task using the capabilities of the IBM Blockchain Platform.

In this video:

  • Nick Gaski, Offering Management, IBM Blockchain Platform, IBM

Building Blockchain networks takes time and effort. It covers multiple tasks from initial network creation to creation of governance rules with added complexity of coordination across multiple organizations.

Onboarding new member orgs to an already running network can be done using hyperledger fabric but can be a significant effort as it the configuration blocks must be updated and manually signed from all the appropriate members. Fortunately using the IBM Blockchain Platform you can accomplish member onboarding in a matter of seconds with significantly more features/value/capability such as the GUI, with notification flags and click of a button approvals.

In this webcast, Nick Gaski showcases what it’s like to onboard a new members to.your business network with and without the IBM Blockchain Platform.

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