IBM Distinguished Engineer Sanjeev Sharma takes you deeper into DevOps and explains the lean and agile principles behind it.

In this video:

In this video, IBM Distinguished Engineer Sanjeev Sharma will take you deeper into the world of DevOps and explain the lean and agile principles behind it.

“At the end of the day, the goal of DevOps is to make things more efficient, reduce overhead, and reduce rework.”

In other words, improve the product, improve the environment that delivers the product, and improve the process that creates the product.

The seven principles of lean development are:

  • Eliminate waste – everything not adding value to the customer like rework, building the wrong feature, too complex solutions, and so on
  • Amplify learning – software development is a continuous learning process based on iterations and the value of the product is measured in fitness for use, not in conformance to requirements
  • Decide as late as possible – because of uncertainty, better results should be achieved with a delayed-decision, options-based approach
  • Deliver as fast as possible – remember, it’s an iterative process, not a set-in-stone concrete monolith
  • Empower the team – find motivated people with a sense of higher purpose and let them do their jobs
  • Build integrity in – for example, refactoring, the process of restructuring existing code without changing its behavior, improves nonfunctional attributes of the code
  • See the whole – “Think big, act small, fail fast, learn rapidly”

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