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All Things Open 2016

A conference exploring open source, open tech, and the open web in the enterprise. Diversity and community, and the importance of each, will continue to be a central theme.

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A sampling of speakers


ANN MARIE FRED Software Engineering Manager | IBM has worked at IBM as a Software Engineer since 1998, and a manager since 2015. She has a Bachelor of Science in Computer Science degree from Duke University, and a Master’s of Computer Science degree from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. She worked on the first DevOps-focused team at IBM in 2011, and currently works in the IBM Marketplace organization, where development squads deploy dozens of changes per day to production, monitor their own components, and support them. See Ann Marie’s presentation, Github Basics for Managers: How to learn useful things without being evil.


JAMES SCHWEITZER Site Reliability Engineer | IBM Watson who has been an operations focus for the last four years in the Watson division of IBM, performs cloud and devops and classic sysadmin actions to maintain the infrastructure that delivers Watson. Prior to that James worked as a Linux consultant for decades at IBM and Bank of America.


ANYA DERBAKOVA Software Engineer | IBM Blockchain is a contributor to the Linux Foundation® Hyperledger® and spends time designing and implementing new API and SDK functionality. She is passionate about open source and enjoys working with developers who build applications with Hyperledger®. In her spare time Anna is involved in outreach initiatives and particularly enjoys teaching robotics workshops to children. Anya’s demo of Hyperledger®. Anya’s presentation.


JAMIE JENNINGS Senior Technical Staff Member, Advanced Technology Projects | IBM is a software designer and researcher, a former academic, and a technical leader in IBM’s Cloud division. She earned her Ph.D. in Computer Science at Cornell University, and has published in the fields of robotics, artificial intelligence, data science, and programming language design. In various roles at IBM since 1999, Jamie has designed new software products, built global multi-datacenter customer solutions, and led an international group which produced technical standards now used by virtually every cell phone manufacturer and wireless carrier. The Rosie project is her first (and hopefully not last) significant contribution to open source. See Jamie’s presentation on the Rosie Pattern Language on GitHub.


JIM RUEHLIN IoT Open Integrations Architect | IBM has been delivering systems and device software for over 30 years. He’s currently a member of IBM’s Watson IoT Open Integrations team where he focuses on integrating development tools and processes for the Internet of Things. Prior to his current position he was a Technical Lead in the IBM Jazz Foundation group, a member of the IBM Practice Library team, and was a major contributor to the open source Eclipse Process Framework. Jim has spent over 15 years working with a wide range of IBM customers helping to improve capabilities in process enactment, requirements management, analysis and design, and project management. Jim has also delivered technical training and presentations at conferences, corporations, and universities. Learn more about IOT on developerWorks.


GRANT INGERSOLL CTO | Lucidworks is also an active member of the Lucene community – a Lucene and Solr committer, co-founder of the Apache Mahout machine learning project, and a long standing member of the Apache Software Foundation. Grant’s prior experience includes work at the Center for Natural Language Processing at Syracuse University in natural language processing and information retrieval. Grant earned his B.S. from Amherst College in Math and Computer Science and his M.S. in Computer Science from Syracuse University. Grant is also the co-author of “Taming Text” from Manning Publications.

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All Things Open 2016