See the power of data analytics using IBM Watson Studio and a simple New York State Restaurant Inspections scenario.

IBM Watson Studio is a suite of tools for data scientists, application developers, and subject matter experts to collaboratively and easily work with and use data to build, train, and deploy models at scale; includes Jupyter notebooks, machine learning, data refinery, dashboards, streams flows, visual recognition and natural language classifier models, and RStudio.

In this video, you’ll see the power of IBM Watson Studio using a simple New York State Restaurant Inspections data scenario. You will not believe how many ways the same data can be visualized.

IBM Watson Studio will show you how to get started or improve your skills with built-in learning. You’ll use the best of open source tools and learn how to work smarter and faster with the support of your community and your team.

The experience is expandable too, so you can go from small, introductory work up to enterprise-scale projects.

And you can sign up for a free trial.

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1 comment on"Analytics using IBM Watson Studio"

  1. Very good knowledge sharing about Data Analytics.
    Data Science is an emerging technology.

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