Roman Shaposhnik ODPi Linux Foundation
Roman Shaposhnik, ODPi

It’s that time of year for the annual conversation between The New Builders and ODPi, the Linux Foundation project standardizing the big data ecosystem around Apache™ Hadoop®.

We met up with ODPi VP of Technology Roman Shoposhnik at ApacheCon 2017 in Miami, building on the interview we conducted last year with ODPi Director John Mertic in Vancouver.

Roman shares how he sets a fair technical agenda for ODPi as VP of Technology (5:30), ODPi’s moves toward tighter integration with ASF (7:55), why he thinks of ODPi as the “commercial yin” to the “open source yang” of the Apache™ Bigtop® project that he founded (11:25), and why IoT’s prominence today reminds him of Big Data a decade ago (13:10).

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