The Apache Software Foundation oversees more than 350 open source projects and initiatives, supported by a diverse global community of committers. This thriving open source community was in full force this week at Apache: Big Data and ApacheCon North America in Vancouver.

In Episode 5 of The New Builders, we speak with a cross-section of attendees, presenters and keynoters from across the Apache open source communities:


  • As Executive Vice President of the Apache Software Foundation, Rich Bowen (@rbowen), has been a key player in organizing ApacheCon events for over a decade. He took a break from his master of ceremony duties at this year’s show to share his perspectives on how ApacheCon has evolved and diversified over the years. (4:38)

Rich Bowen, Executive Vice President, Apache Software Foundation

Rich Bowen
  • John Mertic (@jmertic), Director of ODPi, stopped by to explain why the organization – part of the Linux Foundation – is announcing it is now a Gold Sponsor of the ASF. John also explained how ODPi’s mission to facilitate integration across the wide range of Apache projects is helping to standardize the entire big data ecosystem. (14:59)

John Mertic, Director, ODPi

John Mertic
  • Cloud Foundry Foundation CEO Sam Ramji (@sramji) recapped his ApacheCon keynote, “Open Source is a Positive-Sum Game,” and explained how he’s blended pragmatism with open source technology throughout his career to generate business results. He also shares his thoughts on the intertwined rise of both open source technology and developer influence, and explains why he thinks it’s the best time in history to be a developer. He also previews Cloud Foundry Summit 2016(23:57)

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Sam Ramji, CEO, Cloud Foundry Foundation

Sam Ramji
  • One year ago at ApacheCon, Apache NiFi released Version 1.0. Now a TLP, Apache NiFi is an orchestration tool that enables bidirectional and point-to-point data flow. Aldrin Piri (@aldrinpiri), PMC Member, overviews the Apache NiFi project’s progress since its beginnings in the National Security Agency. (39:30)

Aldrin Piri, PPMC Member, Apache NiFi

Aldrin Piri
  • Then we close the show with Bradley Holt (@BradleyHolt), Developer Advocate with IBM Cloud Data Services, who previews some of the new features coming to Apache CouchDB 2.0 and recaps his Apache: Big Data breakout session “From Big Data to Mobile Data with Apache CouchDB and PouchDB.” Bradley also invites listeners to attend Offline Camp, a three-day retreat in the Catskill Mountains where attendees will explore the entire spectrum of the offline first development approach. (47:00)

Bradley Holt, Developer Advocate, IBM Cloud Data Services

Bradley Holt

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