In this live session, see how to implement a transition to Istio across a hybrid cloud environment.

In this video:

Enterprises are in a race to determine how to gain greater success, through the use of containers. In this session, we will describe how we deploy and operate Watson cognitive services on the IBM Cloud Container Service leveraging Kubernetes. Deploying the Watson cognitive service into a Kubernetes based environment by itself is not all that interesting (well for some it might be). What is interesting is that this is a transition from a microservices platform based on the Netflix OSS, VMs, and Mesos to Kubernetes with Istio from the IBM Cloud Container Service. Even more interesting is that the transition must be accomplished incrementally, thus, a hybrid architecture had to be put in place. In the session we will describe the application architecture that was applied, the challenges that had to be overcome, as well as the transition to utilize the new Istio service mesh to manage service across the hybrid environment.

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