Follow along with the Vehicle Lifecycle Demo to see how IOT-based data can be integrated into blockchain transactions

In this video:

In this week’s Blockchain Innovator’s call, Simon Stone will showcase an exciting new end-to-end Vehicle Lifecycle demo that will highlight the value of blockchain in action, from logging and distributing the key events of a car as it rises up from its initial order, to its manufacturing and insurance so it can be driven on the open road, while monitoring and managing performance of the vehicle (eg engine warnings) until crash or end of life for the auto. This demo will feature powerful examples of using the IBM Blockchain Platform for:

  • Multi-organization blockchain networks
  • IoT integration
  • Web and mobile apps connecting to the network
  • Analytic insights
  • Integration to external systems and flows

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Blockchain Developer Center

IBM Blockchain Platform Developer Sandbox

Hyperledger Composer

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10 comments on"At the Intersection of Blockchain & Internet of Things: The Vehicle Lifecycle Demo"

  1. Unable to view demo

  2. Hi Calvin,

    Down the road, is there topics on ML and Block Chain?


  3. Let’s see how it goes

  4. This is the first Blockchain Innovators webinar that I’ve attended. Video quality via YouTube is very poor (text is unreadable) even with video quality set to 720p. Is video quality always this poor? Can another medium (e.g., WebEx, Zoom) be used?

    • Hi Fred,
      We’ve had good luck with YouTube in the past. I’m not sure why we had problems today. We’ll have to investigate and research ways to have higher quality video.

  5. Is the example used available somewhere to download? The Code is quite hard to read in the Video.

  6. Where can I see the app code of this video (Vehicle Life Cyle demo)

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