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The New Builders Ep. 30: Meditations on Cloud Analytics – The Media Mantra Story

Shiv Sehgal explains how RSG Media, with the IBM Watson Data Platform, processes TV data so media companies can hyper-target and optimize programming.

The New Builders Ep. 26: The Map is the Territory – Open Source Mapping

Listen to Mapbox's Ryan Baumann talk about open source mapping.

The New Builders Ep. 23: Start Open, Stay Open – On Early Adoption and Open Source

Listen to SUMO Heavy CTO Bob Brodie showcase how he built his technology on the open source Magento ecommerce platform and why he's so fond...

IBM Cloud Data Services at AWS re:Invent

Hot off the heels of IBM World of Watson, the IBM cloud data services team will be back in Las Vegas for AWS re:Invent 2016...

The New Builders Ep. 21: The Internet of My Things – Brain Readers and Bots

Listen to Joshua Carr explain how he built an app that allows him to control a Star Wars toy robot using the power of his...

The New Builders Ep. 19: Start Small, Scale Big – Apache CouchDB 2.0 Is Here

Leading Apache CouchDB committers Jan Lehnardt and Robert Newson talk to the New Builders podcast about the long-awaited release of Apache CouchDB 2.0.

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