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Build a persistent, Offline First app with JS and PouchDB

In this step-by-step demo, learn how to build your own Offline First shopping list app that will keep your data alive and sync'd between sessions...

Integrating Systems of Record Applications with IBM Blockchain

Chris Poole will show you how how an existing systems of record application can be enhanced to take advantage of IBM Blockchain’s security and data...

Silicon Valley blockchain innovations meetup

Join this meeting on innovating with blockchain that includes basic concepts of blockchain, a demo on how to develop apps, and Q&A.

Bob Sutor demonstrates the IBM Q quantum computer

Explore a prototype model of a 50 qbit quantum computer while IBM Quantum Engineer Bülent Kurdi discusses the details of the system.

Brian Innes makes the cloud work with IoT

Learn how to use the cloud in conjunction with the ubiquitous, incredibly diverse tidal wave of data that is the Internet of Things.

Polong Lin turns students into data scientists

Discover what steps you should take if you want a career in data science.

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