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IBM Code Day – Main tent sessions, morning

February 14 in Bangalore was a day of commitment to the Code – Cloud, AI, Data, Blockchain, IoT, Quantum computing, and much, much more.

IBM Code Day – Data science track

Learn the kind of algorithms and processes that are used in robots and the way robots use many these machine-learning models to perform actions. Includes...

IBM Code Day – Cloud track

In this session, Pradeep Balachandran covers how IBM Cloud can provide you with the necessary framework, tools, and runtimes to get your concepts to product...

IBM Code Day – AI track

In this session, Riya demonstrates how you can develop your own skills on Amazon Alexa using Watson Conversation via the Apache OpenWhisk serverless framework. Alexa...

From 8-bits to Qubits

Chris Sharp traces the history of computing and programming from the beginning to the present day and provides a glimpse of what lies in the...

Real-time cognitive IoT using deep learning and machine learning

Romeo Kienzler introduces the Internet of Things and demonstrates a game allowing audience members to participate, using their smartphones as IoT sensors.

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