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The New Builders Podcast Ep. 38: All the News That’s Fit to Impact Your Investment Portfolio

Investment Insights with Watson uses natural language processing and graph database technology to contextualize the impact of news events on investments.

The New Builders Ep. 37: The FaaS and the Furious – Serverless Architecture with Apache OpenWhisk

In this episode, IBM Developer Advocate Glynn Bird gives a primer on function-as-a-service (FaaS) and Apache OpenWhisk.

The New Builders Ep. 36: All About the State – Checking in from CoreOS Fest

JP Phillips talks CoreOS Fest, along with the current state of Kubernetes and how a Compose project around PostgreSQL autofailover and HA led to Patroni.

The New Builders Ep. 35: Data Science for All – From Mundane to Magic with PixieDust

Listen to David Taieb introduce PixieDust, an open source library for Jupyter Notebooks (Apache Spark, Scala or Python) that democratizes data science.

The New Builders Ep. 34: Dispatch from ApacheCon in Miami

Listen to an interview with ODPi's Roman Shaposhnik from ApacheCon. Plus, a chance to register for an IBM Data Science Boot Camp during Spark Summit.

The New Builders Ep. 33: Conquer Your Data Layer

Join Compose for DataLayer in Austin, May 17, for conversations around optimizing the data layer and scaling modern web and mobile apps.

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