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The New Builders Ep. 32: Predictable, Progressive, Performant – A SXSW Encore on Offline First Apps

Listen to Maureen McElaney, Gregor Martynus, Nolan Lawson, Dan Zajdband and Alex Russell present the SXSW panel, "From Mobile First and Offline First."

The New Builders Ep. 31: Data, Demos-N-Harmony at InterConnect

This week, we're previewing everything InterConnect has to offer to developers - keynotes, demos and even a welcome event Sunday night if you happen to...

The New Builders Ep. 29: Chatting Chatbots and Conversation Trees

Mark Watson previews his chatbots talk at DeveloperWeek 2017, including the required architectural components and the role of natural language processing.

The New Builders Ep. 28: Tinkering with a Graph Database Service

Listen to Kamal Shannak talk through the ins and outs of IBM Graph, including the role of Apache TinkerPop in building this managed graph database...

The New Builders Ep. 27: Oh, To Be Offline and Conflict-Free – The Distributed Web and CRDTs

On the eve of his presentation at the Web 1.0 Conference, Paul Frazee explains Beaker Browser, a P2P browser he wrote for the distributed web,...

The New Builders Ep. 25: All Dat and More

Listen to Max Ogden explain the Dat Project, a tool for managing, publishing and archiving large research datasets, and its connection to Offline First.