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Video & podcast producer & Strategist for developerWorks. I've also been a radio reporter and show director for programming on Public Radio International, a freelance writer/segment producer for the Osgood Files on CBS Radio, and a writer/composer on the TM Comedy Network. I'm also a lifelong musician and a regular with TresMusicos, Church on Monday, Alejandro Escovedo, and others in Austin, Texas.

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Spring, containers, Open J9, and IBM middleware

Erin Schnabel (IBM Developer Advocate) and John Dumovich (IBM Distinguished Engineer) talk about the latest announcements/releases around the IBM stack and containers, Spring, and Open...

Service mesh and what comes next

Chris Aniszczyk (Linux Foundation), Alexis Richardson (Weaveworks), and Jason McGee (IBM) offer closing thoughts from KubeCon 2017 about the pace of evolution and what comes...

The Istio buzz and what it really means for developers

Jason McGee (IBM) and Alexis Richardson (Weaveworks) reflect on the excitement around Istio and how developers can take advantage of it moving forward.

Moving to a cloud native model

Jason McGee (IBM) and Alexis Richardson (Weaveworks) talk about how companies should approach moving to a cloud native model.

Moving to end-to-end application lifecycle ownership by dev teams?

Chris Aniszczyk (Linux Foundation), Jason McGee (IBM), and Alexis Richardson (Weaveworks) discuss whether we are transitioning to a model where development teams own the entire...

Future of the front-end in the container world

Jason McGee (IBM),and Alexis Richardson (Weaveworks) talk about progress in the application-focused area of development, building on the evolving infrastructure space.

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