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Video & podcast producer & Strategist for developerWorks. I've also been a radio reporter and show director for programming on Public Radio International, a freelance writer/segment producer for the Osgood Files on CBS Radio, and a writer/composer on the TM Comedy Network. I'm also a lifelong musician and a regular with TresMusicos, Church on Monday, Alejandro Escovedo, and others in Austin, Texas.

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It’s a Kubernetes and quantum kind of world

Get the latest technology ON developerWorks - containers, Kubernetes, Cassandra, quantum, the IBM Q prize - and more.

Set up a multi-data center Cassandra cluster on a Kubernetes platform

Rakesh Jain talks with Robin Wood talks about his tutorial that presents ten steps to set up a multi-data center Cassandra cluster on a Kubernetes...

Index preview: Sandra Persing on connecting with developers

Sandra Persing (Mozilla) discusses her work with the Mozilla Developer Road Shows and her upcoming session at Index | San Francisco.

Index preview: Erin Schnabel on cloud native development

Erin Schnabel (IBM) previews her talks at the Index | San Francisco conference and provides her view on the state of cloud native application development...

Index preview: Holly Cummins on speeding application development

Markus Eisele (Lightbend) and Holly Cummins (IBM) talk INDEX | San Francisco and preview Holly's session, "The Software Developer's Guide to Fun in the Workplace."

Index preview: Amara Keller talks Unity Community + Watson

Amara Keller discusses her upcoming Index | San Francisco speaking session on upping your experience with Unity and Watson.

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