Make the surprising connection between blockchain operational requirements and z Systems accelerators.

In this video:

IBM Fellow Donna Dillenberger demonstrates how to take an existing financial trading business process and improve it by employing the IBM Blockchain service on z Systems hardware.

“Why should we run a blockchain on z Systems? Simple. z Systems have a lot of hardware accelerators that work well with the operations of a blockchain stack. Blockchain operations use a lot of hashing, for example for verification, and z has accelerators for hashing.”

Dillenberger goes on to explain that z Systems have large memory spaces and blockchain operations are best performed without the use of a lot of I/O. Blockchain also requires cryptographic protocols and z Systems include crypto accelerators. And maybe the best bit: z has accelerators for Elliptical Curve Digital Signatures, a standard used for verification by both port authorities and customs control agencies.

Some of the highlights of this video are demos of several applications:

  • One that calls out to an existing business process the port authority uses to keep track of the goods coming into the port.
  • One that calls out to CICS, also being used to track the parts coming into the port authority.
  • One that calls to the trucking companies transaction processing facility service that truckers use to scan the parts they are loading.

The blockchain application will also call out to DB2, a standard for many banks, to follow the money.

Most of the demonstration action takes place through the Smart Contract interface, so this is an excellent resource to see that feature in action.

The Smart Contract interface

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Videos by topic: Blockchain

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