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This video was produced by Blockmatics and is used with permission.

IBM IT Specialist Mohamoud Egal takes you on a tour of Hyperledger Composer and demonstrates how you can easily create and manage your own blockchain application using Composer, JavaScript, and API calls.

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Are you ready to start seamlessly building blockchain apps on Hyperledger® Fabric™ from the Linux Foundation®?

IBM IT Specialist Mohamoud Egal takes you on a tour of Hyperledger Composer and demonstrates how you can easily create and manage your own application using Composer, JavaScript, and API calls.

Hyperledger Composer is an application development framework which simplifies and expedites the creation of Hyperledger® Fabric™ applications. It is a set of APIs, a modeling language, and a programming model you can use to quickly define and deploy business networks and applications that allow participants to send transactions that exchange assets.

The IBM Blockchain, based on open source Hyperledger® Fabric™ technology, is used to store the state of assets in asset registries while the consensus protocol ensures that transactions are validated by concerned organizations in the business network.

The Composer programming model is based on defining and deploying a business network definition, which contains a data model that defines the name and structure of assets, participants, and transactions in the business network. The business network also specifies transaction processor functions (written in ES5 JavaScript) that are automatically run on a Hyperledger® Fabric™ when transactions are submitted by clients.

Composer defines JavaScript APIs to submit transactions and to create, retrieve, update, and delete assets within asset registries.

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Digitize transactions through a secured, shared, and replicated ledger.

4 comments on"Blockchain demo: Using Hyperledger Composer with Hyperledger® Fabric™"

  1. Hi Mohamoud,

    Thanks for the tutorial. I do understand the technical aspects of the block chain. But what I am unable to understand is that the use cases that it’s trying to solve. Lets say in the case of Bitcoin if there is a double spending attack(basically 1 person trying to spend 1 coin to two participants at the same time) block chain can prevent that. But lets say in the health care industry if you would go about using block chain? Basically my question here is if there are multiple entities involved in a transaction and would like to have an access to a data block to complete a transaction then the new entity need not build any new integration points rather just request access for the secured network (through chain code) and then based on the approving bodies can view the required data ? Will that be a valid use case for block chain?

    Please let me know.

  2. DaveWakeman May 30, 2017


    If you google for “blockchain healthcare use cases” you will find a number of articles that describe various use cases for Blockchain in the Healthcare industry. In my mind, the value of blockchain is not necessarily about whether or not I need to build integration points, although that can be a side benefit. You are correct that use cases involving multiple participants across multiple organizations are the ones that the industry is really focusing on. For example, electronic medical records is a key use case because today that data is duplicated in multiple systems of record owned my many different organizations (multiple doctors, hospitals, insurers, etc.), and any of those participants don’t have access to the records in the other systems. With Blockchain key health record data could be stored in the ledger, where it could be created or updated by any of the eligible participants. That data is made accessible by Blockchain to all of the eligible participants, including the patients, who would have access to all of the their healthcare data.

    That’s just one example, but hopefully it gives you an idea of what the industry is considering as key use cases for blockchain.

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  4. Can I use JavaScript libs with require on transaction processor in Hyperledger Composer

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