Specialist Matt Lucas explains what sets the Linux Foundation®’s Hyperledger® Fabric™ apart from other implementations of chaincode. From OSCON 2017.

In this video:

Matt Lucas, a Blockchain Global Enablement Specialist, helps clients to understand what the technology is and how it can enhance their business. Matt has a thought on what sets the Linux Foundation® and Hyperledger® Fabric™ apart from other implementations of chaincode.

“Crucially, the Linux Foundation® is aiming to produce a blockchain that can serve the needs of business.”

Matt says that if you look at the technologies that have been contributed for Hyperledger® Fabric™ and other projects, you’ll see they all have something in common – they meet the requirements businesses have for shared, distributed ledger technology. For example, the capability to handle privacy and confidentiality instead of anonymity.

Matt presented a tutorial at OSCON 2017 (coming soon at the show site) titled “Blockchain development fundamentals on Hyperledger® Fabric™” and in it he demonstrates how to use Hyperledger® Fabric™ to implement a simple but realistic scenario. You’ll also learn how to do development using familiar open technologies such as Docker and Node.

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