IBM’s Chris Ferris and RackN’s Rob Hirschfeld provide answers for the essential questions about how you can form a successful blockchain implementation and management strategy in this series of videos with IBM technologies (including the latest IBM Blockchain Platform) and such open source collaboration projects as the Linux Foundation®’s Hyperledger® Fabric™.

In these videos:

  • Chris Ferris, IBM CTO, Open Technology Chair, Hyperledger TSC
  • Rob Hirschfeld, Founder and CEO, RackN
  • Bobbie Cochrane, CTO for Data/Blockchain Solutions, IBM
  • Dan Robles, Co-Founder, Integrated Engineering Blockchain Consortium

IBM CTO Chris Ferris and RackN Founder and CEO Rob Hirschfeld discuss how to implement and manage a blockchain strategy for your enterprise, starting with high-level issues (what your CIO should know, how to engage your operations team) and moving into such structural issues as interoperability, the use of open source software, distributed workloads, cloud configurations, before they move on to explain what’s coming in the near future and how developers can get involved in this effort.

In two bonus videos, IBM CTO Bobbie Cochrane and IEBC’s Dan Robles discuss how to use the technology to answer real-world, enterprise- and industry-level needs.

What your CIO should know

Chris Ferris and Rob Hirschfeld discuss the number one thing that CIOs and CTOs should understand about the technology.

How to get your operations team involved

Chris and Rob explain how developers can engage operators to participate in development decisions.

The intersection of interoperability, open source, and blockchain

Chris and Rob talk about how to view the intersection of interoperability, open source, and blockchain, in light of the many initiatives there are in the arena.

Workloads and the hybrid cloud

Chris and Rob explain how to use hybrid workloads across different data centers and clouds.

Make blockchain ready for the enterprise

Chris and Rob explain the most important thing needed to make the technology ready for operational use in the enterprise.

The future of the technology

Chris and Rob discuss what’s next in the context of the momentum Hyperledger Fabric and other add-on projects bring to the technology.

For the developer

Chris and Rob talk about where developers can go to get involved with the technology and Hyperledger Fabric. (One place developers can go: To the next video. You can also try Welcome to Hyperledger Fabric on GitHub.)

Five tips for developers

Here are five developer “how to” tips from Chris Ferris programmers can follow to become well versed in one of the most lucrative, in-demand areas of technology today.

Techsplaining the technology

Bobbie Cochrane and Dan Robles outline how they explain blockchain to people who know nothing about it. For example, in basketball, the only reason there is a basket is so that all the players can reach consensus when/if a ball has gone through the hoop.

The problem of the missing leg

Bobbie and Dan talk about how the technology is addressing a real-world problem. When it comes to stability and security, the insurance and financial industries are missing an important component – engineering. See how blockchain can solve this.



Digitize transactions through a secured, shared, and replicated ledger.

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