Learn how to use the IBM® Bluemix® Mobile dashboard as the single place to manage the capabilities you need to create and manage your Bluemix Mobile application.

In this video:

The IBM® Bluemix® Mobile dashboard enables you to create a project from a variety of starters, to create and connect key Bluemix optimized services to your project, and to quickly download working code with SDKs. The SDKs are fully integrated with capability credentials that enable you to have the dashboard up and running on your device in a matter of minutes.

When your application is running and you have the configured Push, Analytics, and Mobile Authentication capabilities, you can return to your project to monitor and manage engagement with your application users.

From the dashboard, you can select a starter app template and combine mobile analytics with security, data store, and push notifications. You can create a user interface by dragging and dropping components and then generate and download the app code for what you created. If you build your app in this way, data is shown in the Mobile Analytics console the first time that you run your app and no coding is required.

In this video, see how MobileFirst Foundation extends and integrates development, delivery, and management capabilities by adding scalable data services, code scanning, quality assurance, and Bluemix mobile services. The result is an integrated platform that accelerates the delivery of your mobile strategy with increased productivity and security and provides users with a more engaging experience.

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