IBM® Mobile Analytics for Bluemix® provides insight into how your mobile apps are performing and how they are being used. In this video, Mike Darden shows you how to include mobile analytics into your app automatically, without writing any code, using the Bluemix dashboard.

In this video:

  • Mike Darden, Product Manager, Bluemix Mobile Services
Mike Darden, Product Manager for Bluemix Mobile Services, demonstrates the UI Starter method to include mobile analytics into your app automatically without writing any code.

The UI Starter allows you to create apps using the UI Builder, so you can design using a visual editor. This works well when you want to sketch an idea or quickly prototype a mobile app because it requires little programming or mobile development knowledge.

The Code Starter gives experienced mobile developers a fast way to to integrate common mobile services and key Bluemix services into a production-ready application. Each starter focuses on one service and shows you how the service SDKs integrate into the code.

The most satisfying part of this video for the non-coder is once you’ve configured your app and selected the platform and language you want to use, you click a button and generate source code automatically. When you examine the code, the result is a directory structure that shows you where the new code has been added to your app. As a bonus, this is a great way for the non-coder to start to get a feel for the structure of programming.

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