Through a series of use cases, Andrew Trice shows you how to combine IoT (in the form of flying robots) and Cloud Foundry and Node.js with the cognitive powers of Watson on Bluemix.

In this video:

  • Andrew Trice, Bluemix Architect for Global Development Tools, IBM

In this presentation, Bluemix Architect for Global Development Tools Andrew Trice explains how broad IoT can be defined (“as long as there is a sensor collecting data”) and how regardless of type of sensor, the techniques for collecting data, making it actionable, and interacting with it are quite similar.

Today’s economy is driven by applications and IoT and cognitive computing are at the leading edge of the most innovative app development patterns. And what is a good backbone of tools to put those patterns into play? Andrew says it’s the Javascript runtime environment Node.js and the multi-cloud application PaaS Cloud Foundry.

Andrew offers how you can build these systems, via streaming message queues, through asynchronous processing with the serverless OpenWhisk, or, as this video suggests, using Cloud Foundry and Node.js.

Why Node.js and Cloud Foundry? Andrew notes that Node.js is a “really easy language to get things done really quickly” – it is capable of solving a lot of development problems. It is effective in rapidly building proof-of-concept solutions too.

Cloud Foundry allows you to take the solutions you develop in Node.js and deploy them easily across a number of varied platforms:

“You simply change a little code and point it at a different dataset and not only is your solution cross-platform, it’s cross-industry.”

Finally, Andrew provides a number of use cases that illustrate how a drone is combined with computer vision and machine learning, how scalable cloud runtimes can transform the industrial work process, and how insurance companies can handle claims faster, safer, and with less error than ever before.

Thanks to Cloud Foundry Summit 2017 for promoting such a great resource.

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