Using Bluemix, learn how easy it is to monitor and manage disk space in an Informix on Cloud hosted server environment.

IBM® Informix® on Cloud for Bluemix® provides you with a hosted server environment that you can control and configure to suit your needs. The environment allows you to easily expand your database capacity by adding and deleting resources from a data center that you choose.

Managing the server in this environment is relatively simple:

  • You login to your Informix on Cloud machine using an SSH client
  • You administer your Informix on Cloud server with the same utilities and tools that you use for an on-premises Informix server (this resource explains Informix administration)
  • For security purposes, the server is configured by default to allow SSH- and SSL-based communication to occur only; network access to the server is secured using the iptables firewall
  • You can use any app that can access the Internet to connect to your server and the app can be in your data center or be hosted in Bluemix; the server is configured with a self-signed SSL certificate, so you must configure a client for SSL

This video shows you how to monitor, create, and modify the dbspace components used by your Informix on Cloud server.

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