IBM® Mobile Analytics for Bluemix® provides insight into how your mobile apps are performing and how they are being used. In this video, Mike Darden shows you how to receive Mobile Analytics alerts in Slack.

In this video:

  • Mike Darden, Product Manager, Bluemix Mobile Services
IBM® Mobile Analytics for Bluemix® provides valuable insight into how an app is performing and being used. With that information, you can ensure that you’re building apps that are relevant to your users and that stand out among the multitude of apps in the marketplace or your organization.

With the Mobile Analytics service, you can measure new and active users, sessions, crashes, and more. For more granular insight, you can filter by time period, app version, or operating system.

Mike Darden, Product Manager for Bluemix Mobile Services, will show you how to create an alert on excessive crashes in Mobile Analytics, direct it to Slack, and how to set up the Mobile Analytics to send and receive the alerts.

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